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I am Jiya Patel, 5.6’’ feet, a high profile model and nice, affectionate and accommodating person. I am a Mumbai Escort , having worked previously with good advertising and modelling agencies. I stay and work in one of the most happening areas of Mumbai –Andheri. I have been born and brought in the most vibrant city of the country- Mumbai. Being brought up in this city, I have all the style and etiquette needed to please high grade clientele.My looks are intense and vital statistics is 34-24-34.I have shoulder length hair and a fair complexion to allure clients. I have deep brown eyes and provocative sensuous physique. I love to exercise and maintain the perfect shape of my body. I eat the right kind of food and get myself medically checked to avoid any kind of ailments.I wear classy dresses and can be a perfect buddy in your night parties and clubbing. I am a perfect combination of beauty with brains. I can talk and behave like a perfect partner to accompany you in your mixed drinks. My style and appearance can vary according to the occasion and requirement of the client.I am an adaptable  Mumbai Escorts, my appearance ranges from a graceful lady to take to a mixed drink gathering to a maddening escort companion at a disco or a pub. I have a wardrobe with outfits that suits all occasions and can drive you crazy in the night.As an Mumbai Independent Escort , I am accessible for outbound calls all throughout the city of Mumbai and on the outskirts of Mumbai. I can follow you to the hotel or guest house of your choice with the dress you would adore. I apply the right cosmetics and is very particular about my behavior.

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I am honored to have follow up from my regular clients with the apt services offered. I look amazing in western wear in hot pants and trousers and carry them well. I can also dress myself in traditional sarees which suit the perfect curves of my body. I have a set of designer night wear to add temptation to our togetherness.Being a high class Mumbai Female Escort, I have trained myself in clubbing nights and would be a startling partner to envy all your friends. I dance well on western and hip hop music and would dance with you in the most cosiness way. I don’t have any kind of drug addiction to not get you in any kind of trouble. I am immensely beautiful and a great sex appeal.I am physically well-groomed, polished, decently attired and healthy to be your perfect choice.


Attractive means that a woman has taken time and care to give her asset their best presentation and to minimize her short comings. An attractive woman presents she well at all times, and remembers, men are first stimulates by what they see, not by what is real. A woman’s physical attractiveness is directly related to her state of health, which is why men have always placed a premium on a woman’s appearance. When an older woman dresses up and wears full make-up, she can be described as attractive but she is simply recreating the appearance and signals of a younger, child-bearing woman. Most women understand this, and the industries involved in cosmetics, weight loss, clothing and deportment carry the promise of living up to these male criteria. JIYA PATEL conducted an experiment in which she asked men and women for their perceptions of the ideal female figure. She shows the pictures of female bodies ranging from extremely thin to extremely heavy. Without exception, the women chose the thinner bodies as the most attractive and ‘the ones I would personally like to look like’. To the men, however, the women with the average body shape were the most preferable in terms of attractiveness. This highlights how modern women wrongly believe that men prefer average-to above-average-size women with an hourglass shape. We will look at why this is later on. Interestingly, Miss JIYA PATEL from the department of Independent Escort In Mumbai at the place of Mumbai any locations and she well deserves girls for all things while having to do the intimate scene.


Animals do not have a concept of beauty, No dog, cat or elephant has ever been amazed at the beauty of a sunset, a Monet or a waterfall. There are no ugly monkeys, cat or horses. In the animal world, what is attractive and beautiful in a female operates on a simple level – if she is on heat, she is a stunner. How we humans measure the beauty in everything around us, however, has been handed down from our ancestors. We find a painting or picture attractive when it imitates the things from the world in which our ancestors evolved- water, animals, weather, conflict and refuge. Men also evaluate a woman’s physical beauty to give clues to her reproductive capacity. These clues include smooth skin, healthy, shiny hair, good muscle tone, clear eyes and high energy levels. These are all the things that women’s cosmetics, and many more dresses which men has been seen to the women for looking attractiveness in all circumstances as well. Men always wants a cooperative partner and full romantic and full phases of sexual satisfaction in all era as well. The world has become a huge beauty contest between almost all women and across virtually every culture. More money is now being spent on women’s appearance that at any time in human history. The focus of women’s magazines covers is female beauty maximum percentage of the time, as opposed to only minimum percentage during the forties. When the main focus was on clothing, food and practical home ideas.


The main reason men have causal sex is for sexual variety, and they will do it when the risks are low. Men are opportunists and seldom plan causal sex. All studies show that, across most cultures, men are twice as likely as women to have causal sex or an affair. The main reason women have causal sex is due to lack of love, which causes self-esteem issues, to rest –run a man for future potential or for getting something they want. In present scenario we will use the word ‘marriage’ to describe any relationship in which two people agree to be faith full to each other, technically speaking, they have moved from lust into the romantic love or long-term attachment stages, when brain chemistry changes. Causal sex is about lust. As discussed in this paragraph that two parts of the brain become very active during lust-the hypothalamus and the amygdale. Dopamine is heavily secreted during lust and triggers the production of testosterone, creating sexual stimulating. -When a causal fling moves to the nest stage- romantic love-it signals the internal beginnings of an ‘affair’. With women, the brain actives the caudate, causing her testosterone levels to rise, increasing her sexual desire. So get a most reliable and sexual satisfaction in Mumbai all location as well. Now she is well educated so as we know that the girls who are well educated she is one of the best escort service provider in all circumstances as well. She knows how to deliver the sex in a proper way for a proper customer in who will get the more and more sex in all era of sex so far. So Mumbai is one the best for full enjoyment as well as sexual enjoyment with very hot and sexy girls who is available for the all kind of sex for all kind of customers so far.


The joke about men having to undo their fly to think is not far from the truth. Most women have the planning ability to get away with murder when it comes to affairs- men do not and rarely do. Men is main problem is an inability to manage rational thought in situation dominated by sex. Most men usually do not plan an affair, it just happens. Women are much more likely to have affairs that have been on the drawing board for some time before reaching fruition. Overall the number of women playing around is lower than the number of men, even though evidence is surfing that shows philandering by younger women is higher than for older women. But women are by nature more nurturing and more loving than men and have lower levels of the sex drive hormone testosterone and higher levels of the ‘cuddle hormone’, and most women go through life believing they should be the most important person in their partner’s world because a woman puts her man in the number-one position in hers. Many women will sacrifice their own own needs to support their man, raise his children, run his home and be loyal to him no matter what. For a majority, this also extends to sex and the idea of being touched by or having sex with someone else is unthinkable to them. The most prominent and reliable escort service are available in Mumbai all area as well. As far as my concern there is very hot and sexy Mumbai independent female escort has been working in Mumbai since so many with very loyalty and maintain with well dignity so far. So if you want a service then go through my phone and website as, well we will appreciate your phone calls once you will ring to me so far.